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ChildrenMexico Mission

Listen to John Strohman share about the mission and how you can support the mission as we look toward next year's mission trip. Thank you for your prayers and past support. God Bless!


Diamond Willow Ministries
If you missed meeting Rod and Val Vaughn at the Sunday evening discussion on Diamond Willow's mission to the Crow Creek Reservation you can see a video here. My video skills leave a lot to be desired, but you will come away with a good understanding of the mission and needs on the reservation.


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Thank you for visiting!  Whether you are looking for a church to call home or whether Community Bible is your home, our desire is to minister to you through this web site.  We encourage visitors to learn about us online and then come visit in person.  We trust that you will see that our focus is on knowing Jesus Christ and equipping believers to make Him known to others.  To that end we use the Bible, God's inerrant Word, as our sole source of truth and basis for all instruction. Bible references (e.g. Psalm 111:10) are now linked throughout our site so you can read the scripture by hovering over the reference with your mouse.


If you attend Community Bible, we hope this website helps keep you informed of church activities and ministers to you. We also want you to know where you can minister to others.  As we learn in Romans, we are one body in Christ and have different gifts according to God's grace.  It is God's desire that we exercise these gifts to His glory.  Don't miss out on God's best -- see where you can put God's gifts to work in your life and in the life of the church