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Reservation of Community Bible Church Facilities

Thank you for your interest in reserving the Community Bible Church facility for your event. We hope to accommodate your activity and have provided this information so you know how to reserve the church’s facilities and your responsibilities in doing so. We hope to answer most of your questions here but, if you still have questions, please contact us.


A complete reservation packet is available here including reservation requirements, a facility reservation form and the general rules for use of the facility. A floorplan is also available to help you learn what the facility has to offer in the way of rooms and furnishings. After reviewing the information, you also have the option of completing the reservation form online and return the form via email.


General reservation requirements:

  • A sponsor who attends Community Bible Church (CBC) is needed to reserve the facility.
  • The event may not dishonor biblical principles followed at CBC.
  • Certain CBC events (e.g. wedding, funeral) may supersede a scheduled event.
  • Fund raising events not related to ministries supported by CBC are not allowed.


Steps to schedule an event:

  • Event sponsor contacts the events coordinator to see whether the facility is available (event sponsor needs to read the entire reservation packet prior to requesting use of the facility).
  • If the facility is available, complete the reservation request forms in the packet or the online form.
  • Request is reviewed by the events coordinator and approval is required from the church board (the board meets every other week, please plan accordingly).
  • Following review by the board, we will notify you of the board’s decision.


Event fees:

  • $1,000.00 for a wedding of persons not attending CBC and for which Pastor is not performing the ceremony ($500.00 refundable depending on condition of facility following ceremony). No dances or alcohol allowed in facility.
  • Other events typically on a donation basis but dependent on the level of usage -- our facility operates on a “leave it as nice as you found it” basis.


If you have any unanswered questions or want a tour of our facility, please contact our events coordinator.


Events Coordinator:
Nita Redden
Church phone: 605.224-6730
Home phone: 605.945-0145

Cell phone: 605.280-8077

Mail requests to:
Community Bible Church
1516 N. Harrison Ave.
Pierre, SD 57501

or complete an online version

Again, thank you for your interest in reserving Community Bible Church for your event. Our prayer is to be of service to you and our community.