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COVID-19 Update

Update 10-22-20

Hi everyone,

With the increase of cases in our area, I wanted to reach out to update you on something new we will be implementing in response to COVID.


Before I do, I want to thank each of you for your patience and perseverance. This has not been easy on anyone and we are all looking forward to the end of this challenging season. Each of us have made difficult decisions as we attempt to guard either our health or the health of someone close to us. Be encouraged that you are prayed for constantly and know that God is with you. If there is anything we can do to support you during this time, please contact us. We want to serve you.

This Sunday, if you are attending in person, you will notice that there are a few papers on the end of each row with a big "X" on them. When you (or your family) sit down, please place an "X" on the two chairs on each side of you (or your group). 


For example: [ooxxooooxx]   (x=empty chair, o=person)

This will indicate that those chairs need to be left open for physical distancing. If you see an "X" on the chair, please do not take it off and sit down. This is for everyone's protection. If the worship center fills up, we will have overflow seating available in the coffee bar area and room 400.


I know this added layer of things to follow can be frustrating. It is difficult that COVID keeps changing and that the guidance we receive continues to change as well. Please be flexible and willing to sacrifice comfort for the sake of showing care and compassion to others. The intent of this new practice is to show love towards each other. Let us do so because God first demonstrated love to us.


Finally, remember to continue following safe health practices - especially as we enter the flu season during this pandemic. If you are sick or just do not feel well, please worship from home. Also, if you are at risk due to age or health concerns, please prayerfully consider whether you should worship from home rather than in person at CBC. I would love to fellowship and worship with each of you, but we care for you and want you to be safe. We support the care and concern you have for your health and the health of those around you. If you attend in person, we ask that you follow CDC recommended hygiene practices (hand-washing, not touching your face, etc.). Gloves and masks will not be required but are encouraged if individuals desire to use them.


Friends, we love you. For those who have not been able to attend in person gatherings, we miss you. Let this season be marked by prayer and creative ways of reaching out to serve and minister to each other. May the grace and peace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.


In Christ,

Jesse Sternke


Update 09-27-20 (Still in Effect)
Update 09-16-20 (Still in Effect)

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
Thank you for your continuing patience and understanding as we journey through this time of COVID together. We continue to chart a middle path between fully shut down and fully open as we discern how best to grow together and show love for our neighbor. We've made some changes lately that we want you to be aware of (if you aren't already):

  1. We have begun offering coffee again before and between services. We are providing hand sanitizer for your use before grabbing any creamers and if you do not feel comfortable touching the creamers or coffee pumps, Amanda is ready and willing to assist in pouring them for you. We are still keeping an eye on physical distancing and so have not yet set up the tables or couches for use in the coffee bar area. 

  2. We have taped flyers around the church reminding everyone of safe health practices. Whether there was COVID or not, these are good to have around. We continue to encourage everyone to exercise their responsibility and love in keeping others safe.

  3. We have spread out the chairs in the sanctuary to provide more seating while still maintaining physical distancing. We cannot do that in the back balcony or side balconies - so we ask that the ropes be kept in place and not removed.

  4. For Sunday School, masks are optional for all teachers in all grades. Snacks will not be allowed during the Sunday School hour.

  5. For adult Sunday School classes, only so many people are able to be in the room at one time to maintain physical distancing and to NOT require masks of teachers or participants. Once the room is full, anyone else will be asked to attend Joel's Sunday School class in the sanctuary.

  6. For AWANA, refer to the AWANA page.

  7. Contactless thermometers are available in every room. If someone notices a sick child (whether related to COVID or not), take their temperature. If over 100.4, the child will not be allowed back in the classroom and will wait in the isolation area (the office between Jesse's office and Jenn's office) for a parent to pick them up.

In Christ,

Jesse Sternke

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