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  • Virginia Brown

A Multitude of Counselors

Many of the challenges confronting Christians are unprecedented in Christian history. Navigating these hurdles requires applying wisdom gained from other Christians. In Proverbs 11:14, God encourages us to seek an “abundance of counselors,” seasoned believers with a track record of faithfulness, a deep understanding of what they talk about, and a consistent reliance on Scripture.

Two Christians I consult for insight regarding cultural issues are Rosaria Butterfield and Carl Trueman. As I’ve mentioned from the pulpit, Butterfield, a former tenured Syracuse English professor, underwent a profound conversion from lesbianism to Christ. Her writings are thoroughly biblical, reflecting her role as a pastor’s wife and her fearlessness in proclaiming biblical truth. Trueman, a pastor and college professor, exhibits a sincere love for the local church. His recent book, The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self, provides an invaluable Protestant perspective on our current cultural moment. Given Butterfield’s and Trueman’s expertise, experience, and love for Christ, their insight stand out amidst lots of noise. It’s critical to realize that not all voices carry the same weight.

I’d strongly encourage you to consider incorporating these two Christians into the voices you respect. Along with their books, they have many videos on YouTube. Their perspectives have the potential to enrich the church for years to come. Additionally, seek other Christians who speak well, build up the local church, and live godly lives. Establish a “multitude of counselors” whom you can regularly turn to for guidance and counsel in navigating the complexity of our world.

Pastor Chance


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