• Virginia Brown

God Works Miracles Today

I read a story this week that I must share. The story is about God raising a man from the dead. This miracle occurred on Oct 20, 2006, in West Palm Beach, Florida. The man who was raised was Jeff Markin. The man who was used by God to perform this miracle was Chauncey Crandall IV. Crandall is a Yale-trained, world-renowned cardiologist who practices medicine in Florida and who teaches medicine in New York.

Markin was rushed into the West Palm Beach hospital, after suffering a massive heart attack. Markin soon died. His heart stopped. His face, toes, and finger had turned black. Crandall was called into to verify the man’s death. Markin was declared dead at 8:05am. After filling out the proper paperwork, Chauncey returned to seeing his other patients. However, Chauncey felt the Holy Spirit prompt him to return to the room where Markin’s body was. Following this prompt, Chauncey returned. He prayed over the man’s body, asking God to revive the man. Crandall asked the doctor in the room to shock the man with the paddle one more time. The doctor obliged. After the shock, the heart monitor went from a flat line to a normal heartbeat. The attending nurse said, “Doctor Crandall, what have you done with this patient?!” Markin’s breathing returned to normal. Some time later, Markin was released from the hospital and went on with his life.

God is real. Miracles happen. We need to remember these truths when we pray. Too often our prayers are small and little because we lack faith. May this story encourage your faith. May it empower your prayers and fuel your belief in the power of God.

Pastor Chance

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