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  • Virginia Brown

“How God Has Protected Me”

There have been a series of things that have happened to me over the years where I could see God’s hand and protection. Here are two stories. Shortly after getting married, my wife and I moved down to the Sandhill’s of Nebraska where I worked on a bison ranch. One day we were working bison, and we ran a group up into a pen. Before we could get the gate closed, the front of the herd had hit the end of the pen and turned around coming back out. The pen had tall grass, and as I turned to get away my feet got tangled up in the grass. I fell down. I heard my boss say “Oh, no!” I decided to lay perfectly still and pray. There were probably 30 head of bison in this group and every single one of them ran around me with their tail up and their head down. Not a single one hooked me. I honestly felt in that moment it would be the end of my life. God’s hand of protection was definitely over me.

Another example of God’s protection occurred in 2008. In that year, I decided to do home loans on my own as a broker. The great financial crisis hit, and work became impossible. I had bills mounting and was on the verge of losing everything. I hit rock bottom. As I sat at my kitchen table reading Scripture, I wept. I started to pray, telling the Lord, “You can take it all, and I will never stop loving You.” At that exact moment, my phone rang. It was a gentleman I knew in Ft. Pierre. He called to tell me that someone we both knew had called him to have him tell me that I had an invite to interview for a job I had applied to in Wisconsin. I ended up taking that job, as they allowed me to work from home here in Pierre. Receiving that phone call was one of the most amazing moments in my life. God is faithful (1 Cor 1:9).

To be continued…….

Jesse Foster


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