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  • Virginia Brown

In & Through

Question-asking is critical for spiritual growth. If you want to grow, ask yourself deep, probing spiritual questions. If you want others to grow, ask them those same questions. Proverbs 20:5 reads, “The purpose in a man’s heart is like deep water, but a man of understanding will draw it out.” And how do we bring out heart issues? By asking questions. Here are two questions that might help you: what is God doing in you, and what is God doing through you?

The first question—what God is doing in you—concerns His work in our hearts, and this is the first question for a reason. Why? Because that’s the initial place God wants to begin working—on us, in our attitudes, thoughts, and intentions. Before we ever seek to offer God something, we must offer him our heart, ourselves (1 Sam 15:22). Now God’s work doesn’t just stop with me, myself, and I. On the contrary, by working in me, God wants to work through me. That is, He wants me to share the work He wrought in me with all of those around me (Eph 2:10). Once we receive the grace of God, God calls us to share that grace, and that is God working through us.

Brothers and sisters, what is God doing in you, and what is God doing through you? Put these questions in your back pocket and ask them often—for yourself and for others. Don’t leave home without them! May the whole world know us as those preposition-loving people who could never get over what God had done in us and through us.

Pastor Chance


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