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  • Virginia Brown

On Pronouns

How should Christians think about the use of pronouns in relation to the LGBTism? Some well-meaning Christians practice “pronoun hospitality.” This position maintains that Christians should honor the expressed gender identity of transgender persons by referring to them according to the pronouns they desire and not the pronouns that accord with their biological sex. Despite its compassionate appeal, this isn’t the right way forward.

There are many reasons for this. Chief among them is that “pronoun hospitality” entails deceit. How can we as Christians call men women and women men? I struggle to see how that doesn’t entail lying. At minimum, “pronoun hospitality” means that we encourage others in their pursuit of confusion. That’s not loving. Second, by adopting “pronoun hospitality” we play along with and give ground to an insidious, demonic cultural development instead of outright rejecting it. When we use the world’s language, we give credence to their practices and their worldviews. We mustn’t give any room to the devil; not even an inch. So, we must reject how the world talks and speak in a way that upholds the truth of God by using pronouns that honor a person’s biological sex.

Compassion must be held in conjunction with God’s truth, and this is the truth: just as a leopard cannot change their spots, so also a man or woman cannot change who God made them to be as male and female. Transgenderism is false because no one can change their gender. To uphold this essential Christian belief, we must not refer to a person made in the image of God by their preferred gender. That’s deceitful and proliferates the lie that has gripped the West. Instead, we refer to persons as God spoke: “Male and female he created them” (Gen 5:2).

Pastor Chance

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