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  • Virginia Brown

The Silver Lining

Thru all the ups and downs of life, God has His purposes. There is no such thing as randomness. Chance doesn’t exist. 😊 For the believer, every detail of life is infused with divine meaning. God says in His word, “For those who love God all things work together for good” (Rom 8:28). This means that God has a silver lining for us through thick and thin.

Nevertheless, that does not mean that we will be able to fully understand what those purposes are, for God’s thoughts far exceed our own (Isa 55:9). If the Lord tarries, we will die with unanswered questions. “Why, O God!?” will remain a perennial query for the people of God. Still, the Lord desires us to seek His silver lining. This is what it means to seek the Lord with our whole hearts (Jer 29:13). He has lessons to teach us in all of life’s circumstances.

In 2023, if you haven’t already, make sure to add the question, “Lord, what are you teaching me through this?” to your repertoire of prayers. Whether it’s a flat tire or an unexpected raise, always seek the Lord in all situations. He has a silver lining for us. We will never fully grasp God’s infinite purposes in this life, but that shouldn’t stop us from vigorously pursuing the Lord.

Pastor Chance

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