School Outreach

School is a huge part of every youth's life. It is a time to grow in knowledge and social relationships. However, it can be stressful.  

We partner with the area schools to love on the students - providing a place for them to study at the church, "thinking" food for tough days, praying with the students, and much more. 

We     our students and our schools and we look forward to developing that relationship in years to come!

  1st Week of School  

  Right away, we wanted the students to know  

  that we were here to support them. So, we  

  bought 700 cereal bars and handed them out  

  (for free!    ) in the High School and Middle  

  School parking lots so that both parents and  

  students received cereal bars.  


  It was one small way that we could support.  

  See You At the Pole  

  Every year, across the nation, students gather around the flag pole of their school to pray - pray for each other, their teachers, their community, their nation, and the world. 

We participate and seek to lead the way in this endeavor because prayer is vital to a thriving relationship with God.  


 Over 20 students from the community joined us this year. We hope to double that next year!  

  Study Group  

  Every Monday night, from 7-9 pm, we host

  study sessions at the church. A tutor is on hand  

  to help with specific subjects  

  (like Math, Science, English, etc).  

  We provide a relaxing and peaceful  

  environment so that the students can focus on 

  their homework - while enjoying some warm 

  beverages and cookies, of course!  

  We have found, time and again, the students  

  helping each other out. It is great to see them 

  partner and learn together.  

Semester Test Lunches

One of the most stressful times of the year are the semester tests. Students need a place to de-stress  and re-energize for the upcoming exams. 

We provide free lunches at CBC for students to get away from the stress for a little bit, enjoy some delicious food, and receive encouragement from us.

  School Outreach Leaders  


​SUN @ 8:30AM & 11:00AM


SUN @ 10:00 AM





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