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  • Virginia Brown

All of Us Are Biased

“The brain does not think the way we think it thinks” was the opening statement of a seminar speaker at a conference that I recently attended. The speaker then asked, “Is your heart biased?”  Without pausing, the speaker leans forward and quietly says, “You had better say yes.” This gentleman helped me see that our biases tend to lead us away from God because the human heart is “deceitful above all things” (Jer 17:9). Cognitive biases are like a smudge on our Christian glasses—they blur our vision.

The speaker went on to explain many types of biases. One type is confirmation bias. This occurs when we affirm our own thoughts and judgments. The heart loves what the mind chooses, and so confirmation begins. Another bias is objective bias which occurs when individual repeats, “I am not biased, I am not biased.” Or in biblical terms, “My heart is not deceitful, my heart is not deceitful.” Each of these biases harm us, others, and bring dishonor upon the name of Christ.

How do we become less biased and more truthful? First, we must recognize our sin. We must daily agree with Christ, when he says, “Out of the heart come evil thoughts” (Matt 15:19). Second, we must recognize that Jesus Christ had no deceit, as 1 Pet 2:22 reads, “No deceit in Him was found.” He is the Lord; we are not. Finally, we ought to fall on our knees, and humble ourselves before God. Humility is key in drawing closer to God (Isa 57:15).


Rick Vallery, Elder


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