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  • Virginia Brown

Bold Moms

God’s prescription for women is under attack. We see that in various ways. Radical feminism argues that traditional femininity arises from the suppression of the patriarchy. We live in the age of “birthing persons” and “pregnant people.” Perhaps the best example of this attack against motherhood occurred when Supreme Court justice, Ketanji Brown Jackson, couldn’t tell the Senate Judiciary Committee what a woman is. O my!

These cultural trends do not simply stay outside the church. They creep in and influence our thinking. Consequently, Christian women are tempted to believe that the biblical view of femininity doesn’t exist, is out of date, or oppresses women. Moms must not give into this pattern of thinking. To resist requires courage. It’s not easy to take controversial stands, but that’s what God would have us to do in this therapeutic age.

Over and over again, the Bible calls us to be courageous (e.g., Deut 31:6; 1 Chron 28:29; Isa 54:4; John 14:27). We must see this call for bold obedience as applicable for moms. This boldness means that women in the church need to live counter-culturally and not apologize for it. In other words, sisters need to live and preach a gentle and quiet spirit over being “bossy,” submission in marriage over feminism, purity over hook up culture, child rearing over climbing the corporate ladder, the church over the world, and the Bible over psychobabble. Sister: feel freedom to live the Word of God and be bold in doing so.

Pastor Chance

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