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  • Virginia Brown

Jesus Saved Me from Suicide

I have not desired to tell this story. I was 22 years old at the time, married with one daughter and another on the way. I farmed with my dad and milked cows as my source of income. It was the winter of 1978. Maybe some of you can recall that winter—it was terribly cold with lots of snow. Not the best conditions for milking cows. We lost many calves. These are not good reasons to take one’s life but when you’re not thinking right, you make decisions that are illogical.

I became so depressed that I shot myself in the head with a .22 magnum rifle to relieve my pain. I found out later that the jawbone is the hardest bone in the human body. That bone deflected the bullet. God used my jawbone to save my life. I was in intensive care for about two weeks. My story has many twists and turns since then but suffice it to say: after the suicide attempt and God’s sovereign hand on my life, I have recovered.

Last weekend I attended the Hills Alive Festival and decided to own my past, so I wore a t-shirt that said, “Ask Me How Jesus Saved me from Suicide.” That t-shirt led to a conversation and time of fellowship with a brother in Christ who said, “I’ve been there.” He encouraged me to share my past. He shared about his past—how he was sexually abused as a child and how Christ saved him from addictions and a sense of victimhood. After speaking with him, I feel that God has led me to share my story.

How about you? How many people know your story? Join me by telling someone your story!

Boyd Wallace, Member

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