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Qualities of Fatherhood

A warm “Happy Father’s Day” to all the fathers reading this. You have a tremendous task on your shoulders—in terms of responsibility and privilege. Provided the importance of fatherhood, I want to help you improve as a father by highlighting three qualities God wants you to strive for.

One quality is faithfulness. This quality refers to a father’s long term, consistent, uninterrupted love towards both the mother of his children and his children. That a father’s faithfulness should be directed towards his children is obvious. Fathers should stick with their kids through thick and thin. Never desert them. Less obvious is a father’s faithfulness to the mother of his children. Father’s must love their children’s mother. Ideally, this relationship should be solidified through marriage. Children need their parents committed to each other. Children suffer when infidelity and/or divorce occurs.

Another quality is gentleness. Gentleness is the opposite of harshness. To be harsh is to correct every wrong, discipline every infraction, and to nitpick every detail. That is not what God wants. Rather, God desires fathers to be patient, conscientious, warm, and receptive. Yes, dads, your kids need an occasional correction, but they often need comfort. Dads, God wants you to provide this comfort.

And another quality is selflessness. It is easy to be selfish, isn’t it? When the wife needs help or the kids want attention, it’s easy to say, “I’m busy.” However, that’s not what God wants. God wants you to place the interests of your family above your own. Serve your family by focusing on them, not yourself.

Fathers, the way to grow in your faithfulness, gentleness, and selflessness is to grow in your knowledge of Jesus Christ. While he never had children, he lived out these qualities perfectly. By getting to know Him better, you will manifest these qualities more. God bless!

Pastor Chance

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