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Risk In Motherhood

As I argued in this morning’s sermon, ministry involves risk. There is no getting around this. To commit to gospel ministry is to embrace risk (Matt 16:24). Motherhood is a form of ministry. Mothers are called to raise their children “in the discipline and instruction of the Lord” (Eph 6:4). Motherhood, therefore, involves risk. Provided this truth, I thought it would be helpful to tackle the question, “How should mothers approach the risk involved in motherhood?” Below I’ve provided just some suggestions. More can and should be said. First, don’t be overly protective. Sheltering kids is necessary to an extent. Mothers are called to protect their children from evil. Amen to this. However, risk shouldn’t be avoided at all costs. Sometimes parents should encourage their children to pursue risk. Risk provides tremendous opportunity for success. If mothers shelter their children from all risk, they can harm them. Some risk is good and should be embraced. Second, pray risky prayers. Mothers tend to want their children to live safe, comfortable, and healthy lives. This isn’t necessarily God’s will for your child. God might want your child to be a missionary. Would you be okay with that? You should be. Pray that God would use your child in any way that He sees fit. Confess to God that He is in control and that you are not. Verbally commit your children to God. Third, trust in the Lord. God has a plan for your child. That plan might be completely different than your plan. Your job is not to force your child to fulfill your will. Your job is to encourage your child to pursue God’s will. God is infinitely more able to care for your child than you are. Remember that during every stage of motherhood. I am thankful for all the mothers who are reading this. Your children need you. Encourage your children to pursue risk, pray for them as they do, and trust the Lord along the way. God bless you all. Pastor Chance

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