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Men's Prayer Service

On Friday, 12/20, we're going to have a men's prayer service in the sanctuary from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm. I'm greatly excited about this event. If you're a male, I pray that you would attend. Below is a brief explanation of the event.

The background for this event goes back to brother Steve Valland. He mentioned to me several times the need for the men of our church to get together and pray. The more I've thought about Steve's words, the more I've agreed. This event is the fruit of those conversations.

The goal is simple: to foster among men a deeper love for Christ and a deeper love for one another. Just as it is advantageous for women to have women's ministries, so also it is for men. Around other men, some men are not as guarded. Some are more open and transparent. We need that in our church. For Christ to heal us, we must be transparent with Christ and with our brothers. Corporate prayer fosters transparency.

The format will include singing, a devotion from Scripture, private and corporate prayer. There will be no food. That decision is intentional since we are meeting when many eat dinner. Hunger and prayer go hand in hand (Luke 2:37). What we as men need most is not food but the Word of God (Luke 4:4). Come hungry.

Men, we need one another. Too often we pretend that we're tough and strong when we're not. Don't be like that, brother. We need Christ. We need each other. Please join us.

Pastor Chance

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