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God’s truth is everywhere. I read this poem recently. It has profound truth for us to consider. It’s entitled, “Mr. Meant-To.” It goes like this:

“Mr. Meant-To has a comrade. His name is Didn’t-Do. Have you ever had the chance to meet them? Did they ever call on you? These two fellows lived together in the house of Never-Win. And I am told that it is owned by a man named What-Might-Have-Been.”

Mr. Mean-To lived his life wanting to do this or that. He was a man of great desire. However, he was not a man of action. We know this because his friend was Didn’t-do. These two friends didn’t accomplish anything in life. They never won anything. They never took risk. The owner of their home, What-Might-Have-Been, is a very sad man. He’s the type of man you do not want to own your life. You do not want to live in his house. What-Might-Have-Been’s house is the house of failed potential. Mr. Meant-To had potential but never executed on it. He coasted through life, and never made a difference. How sad.

Brothers and sisters, don’t live life like Mr. Meant-To. The Bible says that today, not tomorrow, is the day of salvation (2 Cor 6:2). This means that we need to be marked by a sense of urgency. We do not know what tomorrow holds. Therefore, we must act today. Be like Mrs. Always-Did, not like Mr. Meant-To. Associate with Take-Action, not Didn’t-Do. Live in the house of Assume-Risk, not Never-Win. Reject What-Might-Have-Been in exchange for A-Life-Well-Lived.

Pastor Chance

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