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My Highlight of 2019

As we approach the end of the year, it is beneficial to reflect on God’s goodness in 2019. In my life, there is one instance of blessing that rises above the others. This was my spiritual highlight of 2019.

In 2018, Kathryn and I worked as night managers at an apartment complex. It was a great gig— free rent with little responsibility. In Fall 2018, though, we were informed that the building had been sold. After the new management acquired the building, our position would be terminated. We had sixty days to move out. Our moveout date was a week before Christmas. We were in discussion with CBC about this position, but nothing was sure.

We didn’t know what to do. We were looking for a new three-month lease agreement, but these are expensive and hard to find. Further, the prospect of moving for three months only to move again was stressful. In response, we prayed. God answered.

Two weeks before we had to move, I had a “eureka!” moment. It was like God flipped a switch in my head. While riding my bike, I suddenly remembered that there was a specific employee at the apartment who I had not talked to about our situation. She was a new gal. Maybe she could “pull some strings,” I thought. That evening I approached her. She personally called the new building owner and explained our situation. To our astonishment, the owner said we could stay! We were given a cheap month-to-month rental agreement. We moved out in late March, when we moved to Pierre.

God is amazing. He is real. He is alive. He provides. I pray his blessings upon you in 2020.

Pastor Chance

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