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Nursing Home Ministry

God is working through the ministries of CBC and the lives of the church body. I’ve witnessed firsthand how God has produced fruit in Pierre because of our faithful following of His will. I hope my testimony encourages you this week to continue running the race and endure to the end.

About two years ago, the worship ministry began going to the area Nursing Homes and simply sing a selection of hymns to the residents during their lunch hour. We started this because we recognized the importance of ministering to a group of people who could no longer physically attend and are forgotten by the church. It is imperative to go to our brothers and sisters, present the Gospel, fellowship, and worship together.

However, I will admit that over time I have gotten discouraged in engaging this outreach opportunity because it is difficult to enlist volunteers to serve in this ministry. While there are some who faithfully participate, sometimes, it has only been Katie and I there. Yet, God is faithful to produce fruit—His word will not come back to Him void.

Recently, there was a funeral held at the church. The only connection this family had with the church was this ministry of singing hymns at the nursing homes. The mother of the son who passed away has been faithful to hear us sing and thank us for coming. When her son died, she asked for us to do the funeral. This was our only connection.

And because of this connection, Pastor Chance was able to present the Gospel to over 150 people who attended the funeral. I’ll say that again—150 people heard the Gospel preached because we took a half hour out of our day to sing at the nursing homes. We know through our conversations with them that many heard it for the first time.

God reminded me then that even when we cannot see the immediate result of our service to Him, He is still working and producing fruit. Praise God for His faithfulness! So, I’d like to encourage you to join us for our upcoming nursing home worship. Let us run the race, endure to end, and trust in God’s faithfulness.

Pastor Jesse

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