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Sustaining Gospel Community, Part 3

As we’ve seen over the past few weeks, conflict is sure to exist in the church. Fortunately, Scripture gives us some key principles to help us deal with conflict.

1) Before talking to anyone about an issue, speak to the Lord first. (Jas 1:5)

2) Don’t manipulate others. Refuse to be manipulated. (Jas 3:10)

3) When in doubt, seek clarity from the appropriate people. (Prov 18:15)

4) If someone shares something confidential, don’t tell others (unless someone is harming himself or someone else). (Prov 17:9)

5) If you have a problem with another person, go to them privately. If someone comes to you with a problem, be open when they come. (Matt 18:15)

6) If you discover someone has a problem with you, go to them. (Matt 5:23—24)

7) Refuse to participate in gossip. Tell the person gossiping to stop and to go directly to the person with whom they have an issue. If they hesitate, offer to go with them. (Prov 6:16—19)

Psalm 133:1 states, “How good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity!” Let us trust the Lord together to grow us in unity and Christlikeness.

Derrick Haskins, Elder The principles outlined in this article are adapted from the “Communication Covenant of Faith Baptist Fellowship” in Sioux Falls, SD, and can be viewed at

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