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The Power of a Church Invitation

Christians should be creative about how to minster the gospel to the lost. One easy yet effective way is to invite others to church. This past week I heard a story which illustrates the power of a church invitation.

My best friend is named Josh. Josh had a very difficult childhood. Abuse, divorce, drugs, fighting, sex, you name it—Josh experienced it all prior to his conversion. By the grace of God, though, he became a Christian as a teenager. Now Josh pastors in the Houston area. This past weekend he baptized his mother. His mother’s life has been one of brokenness and rebellion. For decades, her heart was hard to the Lord. That changed, though, when she met Miss Cindy. Miss Cindy befriended Josh’s mom at their apartment complex and slowly began sharing the gospel with her. Miss Cindy also persistently invited Josh’s mother to church. Due to Miss Cindy’s consistency and the Spirit’s conviction, Josh’s mom began attending church with Miss Cindy. Weeks of church attendance led to a softening of Josh’s mom’s heart. Today, she is a baptized Christian.

Inviting people to church is an effective way to reach them with the gospel. When the church gathers to worship, Jesus is present (Matt 18:20). In the presence of Jesus, lives are changed. Dear Christian, will you be like Miss Cindy and invite someone to church?

Pastor Chance

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