• Virginia Brown

There are Many Ways to Pray

Praying is hard. I struggle with prayer often—like every day. I especially struggle praying out loud or quietly in my mind for long stretches of time. I can’t go one minute praying out loud or silently without having a distracting thought intrude. It’s difficult to maintain my train of thought. I don’t know why this is. I’ve had this problem for a long time, for as long as I can remember. Do you have this problem? If so, there’s hope.

Writing my prayers out by hand in a physical journal is much easier for me. I have found tremendous breakthrough in my prayer life with this. By observing my prayers in writing, I can maintain my train of thought. If I space out (which occurs), I have the words on paper to remind me what I was praying. Further, these prayer journals serve as a testament to God’s faithfulness. It is beneficial to read an old prayer journal and reflect on God’s faithfulness. We tend to forget the past. A prayer journal records your perspective on the past by means of your prayer life.

I think men are inclined to think that prayer journals are girly or silly. I don’t see them that way. Prayer journals are what you make them. I consider them to be an essential way I obey God’s command to pray. If you’re a male who thinks that prayer journals are girly and yet your prayer life stinks, you need to reexamine your perspective. Try using a prayer journal. Your prayer life will improve.

It doesn’t matter how you pray—whether by speaking out loud, silently in your conscience, or by writing your prayers down—so long as you do. Find what works for you and do it often. at works for me is writing my prayers. Try it.

Pastor Chance

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