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  • Virginia Brown

“What We Need Most Is What We Desire Least”

Often, our needs and desires diverge, creating a tug-of-war within us (Rom 7:15–16). What we know we should do clashes with what we want to do. When I get discouraged, I want to do very little. Inaction and “zoning out” is very easy for me when I’m feeling blue. However, what I need most is activity, effort, exertion, focus. In these moments, this paradox arises: what I need the most I desire the least. Ever felt this way?


As we all know, feelings are fickle. They change so quickly. Because of this, feelings serve as an inadequate compass for decision making. If we “follow our heart,” well end up in a bad place! Instead of constantly trusting our emotional state, a more faithful guide to decision-making are our convictions. Piggy  backing on what brother Rick said last week, convictions don’t change. If they do, they’re not convictions! These convictions motivate us to do what is right, even when doing the right thing is least appealing.

Bringing this to bear upon our Christian faith. Temptation is inevitable (Luke 17:1). While feelings come and go, Spirit-given convictions persist. Thus, anchor your life to convictions, not to feelings. For in convictions, we find not only stability but also the courage to do what is right, even when it’s the hardest thing to do.


Pastor Chance


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