• Virginia Brown

A New Year Church Resolution

I’m a fan of new year’s resolutions, not because I always keep mine, but because I think making strides to improve are important. What are your resolutions for this year? One resolution I have for our church is to pray together more in 2022. There are many ways for a church to pray more together. I think a very important way is to have a prayer meeting.

Now you might think, “Well, gee, that sounds boring!” I can sympathize with that. While in Dallas, our church used to have weekly prayer meetings that were sometimes, well, boring. I didn’t always enjoy going. However, those prayer meetings have radically impacted my life. What might have been boring in the moment has left a lasting impact on my life. I reflect fondly upon those prayer meetings now, even though in the moment I failed to appreciate them.

If you dread a prayer meeting because it’s boring, don’t worry. Still come. We will keep the prayer meetings under an hour. We will read Scripture together and lift the name of Christ up. God will work in you and through you, even if you’re bored. Jesus himself will show up. He promises to dwell among us when we gather in His name to pray (Matt 18:20). Jesus is never boring. We have a prayer meeting tonight. Please join us.

Pastor Chance

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