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  • Virginia Brown

God Himself Has Paid the Price

Though every week the Lord uses His Word to affect me, some weeks of study prove more impactful than others. Last week’s sermon, “The Incarnate Word,” serves as an example of that. Specifically, the mystery and the glory of the incarnation has deeply moved me, so much so that I’m still thinking about it this week. I’d like to outline some more thoughts I’ve had on this subject since my sermon.

The essential idea of the incarnation is that God Himself paid the price of our sin. He did not place the burden of procuring salvation on someone else. Instead, He himself accomplished our salvation through the suffering of His Son in the power of the Spirit. What this means is that Christianity presents us with an exceedingly high view of God’s love. Here’s why: the depth of love is measured by the degree of difficulty someone embraces to show that love. Jesus shows us the infinite love of God based upon the inconceivably horrible punishment He underwent for us. Christianity presents a view of God’s love that dwarfs all its competitors. No other religion posits an incarnation in which God himself redeems mankind through His own suffering. Only Christianity posits that God became a man to die for mankind.

If you’re looking for love, which you are, look no farther than the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the embodiment of God’s love. He showed us this through His suffering. Behold the incarnation, brothers and sisters!

Pastor Chance


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