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  • Virginia Brown

Invite Someone to Church

Next week is our annual baptism at the river. On this specific Sunday, our church service looks a bit different than what is typical, for several saints will give public testimony regarding what God has done in their lives through the power of the gospel. At the end of the service, I will present the gospel so that the lost may be saved.

I have a favor to ask: can you invite someone to church next Sunday? The power and necessity of the gospel will be on full display for all to see. By inviting others, we invite them to partake of this gospel along with us. Evangelism is key, and a simple church invitation serves that end. Many people can attest to the life-changing act of a church invitation.

Listen to what Charles Spurgeon said about the corporate efforts of a church in the task of soul winning: “Great things are done by the Holy Spirit when a whole church is aroused to sacred energy. It should be our ambition, in the power of the Holy Ghost, to work the entire church into a fine missionary condition, to make it like a Leyden jar charged to the full with divine electricity, so that whatever comes into contact with it shall feel its power. Labor to gather a church alive for Jesus, every member energetic to the full, and the whole incessant activity for the salvation of men.”

Let’s strive to be that type of church by inviting someone to church next Sunday.

Pastor Chance


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