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Ministry Hacks

Have you ever heard of a “life hack?” According to Wikipedia (not always the most reliable source but we’ll go with it!), a life hack is “any trick, shortcut, skill, or novel method that increases productivity and efficiency.” My favorite life hack is that if you drink a big cup of coffee in the morning, it fills you up, so you don’t get hungry for breakfast. I skip breakfast so I can eat cookies at night. Can I get an amen!?

As there are life hacks, so also there are ministry hacks. A ministry hack is a nonchalant question I ask to build others up in Christ. Ministry is difficult at times because ministry can be awkward. Many people don’t like opening and talking about God, so it makes talking to them about God uncomfortable. This is especially true with evangelism. In these situations, I have found these questions very helpful for navigating these difficult situations,

Let’s say you’re in the checkout counter at Walmart, and you want to talk to the cashier about the things of God. What should you say? Try this: “How was church on Sunday?” Because people know that going to church should be an important part of their lives, this question is a real conversation starter. This question usually leads to further opportunity to inquire of someone’s spiritual condition. For my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, a common question I ask is, “What’s God been teaching you recently.” This question draws someone’s attention to their life, God, and the lesson that He might be teaching them. Another question I ask is, “How can I pray for you?” Prayer is so important. Non-believers as well as believers need prayer. Most people want to be prayed for, too, so they will share openly about their needs.

Do you have any ministry hacks? I would love to hear from you about them.

Pastor Chance

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