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Passion Week Scripture Reading

The first four books in the New Testament—Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John—detail the life and ministry of Jesus. Of the 89 chapters that comprise these books, 23.5 specifically narrate Christ’s final week of earthly life, death, and resurrection. In other words, around 25% of the Gospels specifically focus on the events between Jesus’ triumphal entry and his resurrection from the dead. The centrality of these events in the Gospels underscores how important Christ’s death and resurrection is to our faith.

What follows is a listing of Scriptures following the traditional placement of the events of this last week. I would encourage you to use these Scriptures for your devotional time this week. I encourage you to dive into these events in the order in which they occur and pray that God would bring about a greater understanding of Christ’s sacrifice, the grace He offers, and the incredible love of our Father. Don’t worry about following the exact timeline on Friday—it is detailed mainly to help you understand when each event took place. Still, if you’re up at those times to participate in the readings, give Pastor Chance a call – his number is… 😊

~ Pastor Jesse


· Read Luke 19:28-44 and Matthew 21:11-17

o Also read Mark 11:1-11 and John 12:12-19 for other accounts of the Triumphal Entry.


· Read Mark 11:12-18 and John 12:20-50

Tuesday (AM)

· Read Mark 11:19-25; 12:41-44 and Matthew 21:23-23:39

o Also read Mark 12:1-40 and Luke 20 for other accounts of official challenges to Christ’s


Tuesday (PM)

· Read Matthew 24:1-25:46


· Read Matthew 26:1-16


· Read Luke 22:7-20 and John ch. 13-17

· Read Matthew 26:30-46

o If you’d like to read it around the time it happened, try reading this passage around


Friday (AM)

(An important sidenote: the exact day of the week of Jesus death may not be Friday. While Friday is traditionally known as the day of crucifixion, Biblical scholarship may push the crucifixion back a day or two (Wednesday/Thursday) in the week.)

· 2-3am – (Arrest) Read John 18:2-12 and Matthew 26:47-56

· 2:30am – (1st Jewish phase: Annas) Read John 18:13-24

· 3-4:30am – (2nd Jewish phase: Caiaphas) Read Matt. 26:57-68

· 4:30am – (Peter’s Denials) Read Matthew 26:69-75

· 5-5:45am – (3rd Jewish phase: Sanhedrin) Read Luke 22:66-71 and Matthew 27:3-10

· 6-9am – (1st Roman phase: Pilate) Read John 18:28-38

· 6-9am – (2nd Roman phase: Herod) Read Luke 23:6-12

· 6-9am – (3rd Roman phase: Pilate) Read Matthew 27:15-26 and John 18:39-19:16

· 6-9am – (Torture and travel to execution) Read Matthew 27:27-32 and Luke 23:26-33a

· 9a-12p – (Crucifixion part 1) Read Matthew 27:35-44, Luke 23:b-43, and John 19:18-27

Friday (PM)

· 12p-3p – (Crucifixion Part 2) Read Matthew 27:45-56, John 19:28-42, Luke 23:44-56, and Mark 15:42-45


· Read Matthew 27:62-66


· Read Matthew 28:1-15, Luke 24:12-43, and John 20:3-25

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