• Virginia Brown

Push Back against Pride

The beginning of June marks the onset of a preeminent symbol of Western society’s degeneracy—Pride Month. On their social media pages, these government institutions have celebrated Pride: the White House, Department of Education, Department of Health & Human Services, the Justice Department, the Treasury Department, the USDA, Marines, Air Force, Navy, and Space Force. Unfortunately, this is the water we now swim in. It’s all around us. How should we respond as Christians?

Let me say this as clearly as I may: Christians should have nothing to do with the participation or celebration of this godless month. We should have no sympathy whatsoever for this wicked cause. Rather than a celebration of love and identity, this month is about forcing all people to submit to the assertion of mankind’s debased and harmful sexual desires. Mankind has flipped the rainbow—a sign of God’s promise of peace and mercy—into a sign which symbolizes wicked acts that God detests. How could a Christian ever celebrate this!?

Dear Christian, do not conform. Do not go with the flow of Pride. This month goes against everything we believe as Christians regarding sexuality, gender, humanity, and basic right and wrong. Resist, pray, and evangelize. Never celebrate Pride. It is because of sins like these that the wrath of God will come (Col 3:6). Discern this month for what it truly is: the height of ungodliness in our age.

Pastor Chance

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