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  • Virginia Brown

Romans 1 Holds the Key

I want to reiterate a point in print that I made from the pulpit a few weeks ago. In my introduction to our series on family, I mentioned that our society is going through what Paul describes in Rom 1:18–32. Paul’s point in this passage is this. God reveals his wrath against societies that refuse to honor him (vv. 18–23). The evidence of God’s wrath is the collapse of a society’s recognition of traditional sexual ethics (vv. 24–27). Deviant sexual behaviors become normalized (v. 24). Homosexual behaviors, specifically, become more popular (vv. 26–27). The mindset of a society becomes debased and depraved (v. 28). People approve of and celebrate all forms of wickedness and ungodliness (v. 32). All this results from a society’s refusal to worship the one true God (v. 23).

Two headlines that I read this week which illustrate that we are seeing Rom 1 play out in Western culture. Here’s the first headline: “Rachel Levin, Openly Transgender Health Official, Sworn in as Four-star Admiral in Public Health Service.” Born as Richard L. Levine, Rachel holds one of the highest political positions in our country. Our government holds this man up as an example of success and progress. That’s utter madness. Here’s the second headline: “DC Comics Reveals Latest Superman as Bisexual in New Issue.” They’re coming for the children. How depraved.

While we should grieve what we see transpiring in our culture, we also need to lay hold of the Word of God, specifically Rom 1:18–32, to understand the times. There might not be any passage of Scripture more important for Christians to understand right now than this one. Romans 1 holds the key for what is happening in the world. I’d encourage you to study it yourself.

Pastor Chance


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