• Virginia Brown

The Importance of the Body

Martin Lloyd-Jones was a famous preacher in twentieth-century England. He was a fiery preacher, filled with the Holy Spirit. Prior to serving as a pastor, he worked as a medical doctor. His medical background led him to approach pastoral counseling in an unique way—he recognized the importance of the human body. When dealing with a troubled soul, Lloyd-Jones writes this, “The first question I always ask myself is, ‘Is it [their problem] physical?’ I wish to emphasize this, because there are some to whom it never occurs that the whole cause [of their problem] may be physical.”

Lloyd-Jones recognizes that we are embodied people. We all have times where we struggle in our relationship with God. We become discouraged, defeated, and we lack motivation. These issues are spiritual, yes, but they might be caused by something physical. We cannot understand our souls independent of our bodies. The latter effects the former, and the former impacts the latter.

In your spiritual struggles, remember the importance of your body. If you’re moody, maybe what you need most is a nap, not more prayer time. And after you get up from your nap, you need to spend some time praying, asking the Lord and your family to forgive you for being grumpy. Don’t discredit your body. That might be where the root of your spiritual problem resides. Further, to serve the Lord more faithfully, take care of yourself—eat well, sleep enough, and go to the doctor when you need to. We are holistic people—soul and body.

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