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  • Virginia Brown

The Misery of Atheism

Comparing Christianity to its antithesis brings its glory into sharper focus. Atheism, the denial that God is real, serves as a wonderful example of what Christianity is not. Atheism is a dark abyss that leads to hell. Let’s briefly stare into the void to grow in our love for the Lord Jesus Christ.

If God is not real, nothing matters. All pain, suffering, and distress is ultimately meaningless. Without God, purpose remains an illusion and morality exists as a façade. There is no truth, beauty, or goodness. Human existence boils down to a failed experiment, guided and directed by matter, chance, and chaos. As Dostoyevsky explains in The Brothers Karamazov, “If there is no God, everything is permitted.” Virtue becomes sin, and sin becomes virtue. Meaning unravels. I cannot imagine a more miserable existence.

Atheism produces misery. Who would ever want to believe that!? On the other hand, Christianity produces hope. Who wouldn’t want to believe that!? The Christmas season is all about joy and gladness. Those qualities do not exist if God is not real, and yet we know they exist. How is it that we can have joy? Only through Christ, for He has come and saves us from the utter hopelessness that is atheism. Praise His holy name!

Pastor Chance


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