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  • Virginia Brown

The South to the Rescue!

The Church of England has fallen. Last week at their General Synod they voted to allow priests to bless the civil marriages of same-sex couples. This marks a historic shift in one of the most famous Reformation churches. With this decision, they join two other apostate Anglican bodies—the Episcopal Church of the USA and the Anglican Church of Canada—in advocating for sexual acts that God disdains.

However, all is not lost for Anglicanism. In fact, many Anglicans worldwide are standing firm upon the Word of God. Read what the Archbishop of Kenya had to say in response:

“We in the Anglican Church of Kenya are saddened by the departure of our mother Church from the true Gospel [and] their resolutions do not apply to us . . . We affirm that marriage, as taught in the Holy Scriptures, is between one man and one woman, monogamous and heterosexual. Any deviation from this God-designed covenantal relationship is sinful and unacceptable.”

I offer this information as a way of encouraging you to remember that God is not simply the God of the United States or the West. “Look among the nations, and see,” the Almighty Sovereign tells us, “wonder and be astounded. For I am doing a work in your days that you would not believe if told” (Hab 1:5). God’s purposes are not merely local but global. The church in the South (South America, Africa, and parts of Asia) is holding strong. Praise the Lord for these brothers and sisters! They’re keeping us on the straight and narrow.

Pastor Chance


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