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  • Virginia Brown

We’re All Theologians

The seminary is often viewed as that institution that produces theologians. There’s truth to this, of course. Theological institutions aid Christians in their pursuit of theological maturity. However, you can be a theologian and not go to an academic institution. In fact, all of us are theologians.

The Bible says we are made in the image of God (Gen 1:27) As such, it is impossible to not have theological thoughts. We all think about God and His ways. This makes us all theologians. Even the atheist, who denies God, thinks (incorrect) theological thoughts. Unfortunately, far too many Christians remain apathetic towards their beliefs and unaware of what they believe. This is a problem to be addressed, not a situation to be embraced. Doctrine matters. A lot.

This theological calling is a responsibility we must steward well. Certainly, God does not call all of us to be professional or academic theologians, but all of us, whether we like or not, whether we do it well or poorly, are theologians. We need to raise the theological bar in our church and in all gospel-preaching churches by reminding ourselves of our theological calling. Don’t shirk this responsibility. Embrace it.

Pastor Chance


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