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Grand Prix - What to Expect!

Does your car weigh not more than 5 ounces?

We will have a table set up to provide whatever assistance we can, with adding or removing weight, etc. Make sure your name is written on the bottom of your car, along with your grade.


The Line Up

Then you will take your car to the table, one side is Sparks and one side is Truth & Training.  Each group runs on a separate race track.  Here your car will receive a number written on the sticker associated with your name.  You will leave your car there.  That is also where the judging for design takes place.



Sit back and enjoy the fun!  There is a lot of excitement and screaming.  An announcer will let people know who is racing.


Check-in and Weigh-in

Once your car has the correct weight, you will go to the check-in table, where an official weight is taken, and you will get a sticker put on top of your car.  Make sure your name is on the bottom before you go to check in.


The Race

There will be people who will take the cars and place them on the race track when the race starts.  They keep track of who is racing and who wins.  The line judges at the end of the race track report 1st, 2nd and 3rd.  Then those cars are run again in a different slot for two more times to ensure consistency.  It is a double elimination.



Awards are given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd for the race winners as well as the design winners for each AWANA group (Sparks and T&T).  Ribbons are given to all participants.


Parents, each clubber in attendance at the Grand Prix is expected to have an adult with them throughout the evening, as our leaders and helpers will be busy helping with the race.  Cubbies do not meet on this night.

Summit Scholarship App: fillable pdf or Word doc

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