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  • Virginia Brown

Stay Curious

The late Prof Howard Henricks used to say, “One of the great killers in Bible study is the statement, ‘I already know that.’” No truer words were ever spoken. As he points out, a sense of arrival does not lend itself to growing in the knowledge of God. To be a lifelong learner of God’s Word, we must stay curious.

Curiosity entails a heart attitude in which we embrace a “never give up” attitude to learning. Though we might have a firm faith, curiosity allows for and encourages an endless pursuit of the eternal, immortal God. Curiosity requires humility. We must reject a “know it all” attitude. Only God knows it all; we see in a mirror dimly (1 Cor 13:12). Further, curiosity requires discipline. Curious Christians seek out answers to their questions. Curiosity without effort is simply wasted potential. No thanks!

Stay curious, brothers and sisters. He’s not done with us. The Lord always has something to teach us!

Pastor Chance


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