• Virginia Brown

True Intimacy

In Genesis 2, the Bible tells us of God’s plan for a husband and wife’s life together, leaving their parents and becoming one flesh. Before the fall, Adam and Eve had nothing between them and God; they had pure intimacy. After the fall, because of shame, they covered themselves and hid from God; their intimacy was broken.

When God called Adam and Eve to Him and asked, “Where are you?” God wasn’t asking for His knowledge; it was for the couple to recognize and acknowledge where they were in relationship to God. They admitted they were naked and afraid, and even though they made excuses for their sin, God clothed them with skins from an animal.

God continues to ask us today, “Where are you?” In light of the Gospel and the Bible our only answer is: in need of Jesus. We are totally dependent on Christ to be able to love our spouse as Christ loves the Church and to have complete intimacy with God and our spouse. In 1 John we see the importance of being in the light and confessing and repenting of our sins to be healed. Where are you? Are there any barriers between you and God? As we humbly confess and pray for one another, we are healed, and intimacy grows. I encourage you to humbly open yourself up to the Holy Spirit and answer the question, where are you? What barriers, if any, exist between you, God, and your spouse? A secret sin, anger, jealousy, bitterness, or something else? Be honest before God so that He might clothe you in His righteousness.

In Christ,

Mark Anderson

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