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Avoid Overspiritualizing

. This involves interpreting all of life without any reference to earthly, everyday factors. Overspiritualizing is evident in the Christian dating scene.

When I attended Christian university, I witnessed many romantic relationships end in breakup. The stated reason for the breakups commonly went something like, “Well, it just wasn’t God’s will.” Rather than, “I didn’t find her attractive,” or, “He talked too much,” these Christian explain the breakup based on a divine reason. Basically, it’s God’s fault!

Now don’t get me wrong. I strongly believe that God has a will for mankind, and that nothing can thwart his will (Job 42:2). Nevertheless, I also believe that God accomplishes his will through every day, normal events. Take, for example, the issue, “Why does it snow?” On one level, snow falls because God commands it to fall (Job 37:6). On another level (the level that overspiritualizers neglect), it snows because the temperature is below freezing and there is sufficient moisture in the air.

In your Christian worldview, don’t overspiritualize. Remember that, while God is sovereign, not every event is a miracle. Most events have natural explanations.

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