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  • Virginia Brown


COVID altered my worldview. Specifically, the pandemic changed my view regarding the role that science has in society. Ideas that were once fringe are now widely accepted as true, and ideas that were once THE SCIENCE™ have now been discredited. Those in authority used THE SCIENCE™ to justify their decisions. We were told to go with the flow and trust what they say. The West was duped.

Never again will I blindly trust THE SCIENCE™. I shouldn’t have trusted it all along, but I had to learn. I’m a trusting person. My disposition is to follow “the experts.” Why wouldn’t I? They trained for many years to do what they do. It would be foolish to not listen to what they say, right? Wrong. “The experts” can lead us off a cliff all in the name of THE SCIENCE™. It’s happened time and time again. COVID-19 is the most recent example.

As Christians, we should question THE SCIENCE™—whether it’s the theory of evolution or global warming or the value of the lockdowns. Don’t believe something simply because those in power tell you it’s true. They might be right, but maybe not. We must be discerning (1 John 4:1).

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