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  • Virginia Brown

Why a Mission’s Conference?

Scripture repeatedly calls us to remember. “Take care lest you forget,” the Lord tells us (Deut 6:12). We all too easily forget what God has done and what God requires of us. We become too preoccupied with our lives, with what’s right in front of us—whether rising grocery bills or running the kids to soccer practice. Our vision of life can become myopic. We need reminders.

The missionary task is easy to forget. We forget that millions of people have still not heard the name of Christ. We forget that gospel-preaching churches do not exist in among all nations, lands, and peoples. We forget that our task as a church remains unfinished. We forget the torments of hell and the glories of heaven. We forget the call for us to go into all the world preaching the gospel (Matt 28:19).

A simple purpose of our church’s mission’s conference is to aid our church in remembering the awesome privilege and responsibility we have in advancing the gospel in the entire world. By remembering, we take the first step of obedience. Though obedience requires more than remembrance, obedience cannot proceed unless we first remember our duty to spread Christ’s gospel. The global expanse of the gospel is essential, and we all have a role to play. Let’s remember that.

Pastor Chance

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