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  • Virginia Brown

All Israel Will Be Saved

Provided Hamas’ attack on Israel, we must inquire into the Word of God to understand the current affairs of the Middle East. What’s going on!?

God has made promises to Israel. Notably, Rom 11:26 reads: “All Israel will be saved.” Context indicates that this passage means that when Christ returns (or shortly before), a massive revival among ethnic Jews will occur. Israel will see Christ as their long-awaited Messiah, and they will place their faith in His holy NAME. Hallelujah! For this end-time Jewish revival to occur, ethnic Jews must still be around at Christ’s second coming. The devil does not want Rom 11:26 to occur, so he wages war against ethnic Jews. The devil’s recent instrument for this war is Islam and Hamas. Hamas’ goal is to destroy the state of Israel. Hamas’ antisemitism comes from the Quaran. Speaking of Jews (and Christians), the Quran instructs Muslims, “Fight against such of those who . . . believe not in Allah” (9:29).

The conflict between Hamas and Israel must be seen in view of satan’s hatred of the Word of God and his diabolic efforts to nullify God’s promise to Israel. The devil (and for that matter—Hamas, Iran, and Islam) will fail. Christ will return. When he does, “all Israel will be saved” (Rom 11:26). Praise the triune God who always keeps His Word!

Pastor Chance


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